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The Magic of the Preworkout Massage

The Magic of the Preworkout Massage is the "secret sauce" that makes Jacqi's NuFitness, better than diet and exercise alone, and here are a few reasons why:) 
First of all, it is HOT! When you start out by increasing the blood flow to the target areas (abs, thighs, and the back of the arms), you increase the heat of the skin.  Whether you manually increase the blood flow or through the use of stimulating essential oils, you are effectively improving the amount of oxygen rich blood flow surrounds the target fat cells, increasing the movement of lymph to help the body help itself detox itself. 
Then, once the compression garments are put on, this increases the target fat even more, which enables the body moulding to ensue. Add in some rhythmic cardiovascular exercise like walking, dancing, or even cleaning the house vigorously, and VIOLA! After just one bout of activity, a difference can be felt and seen.  Just as if you had a cast on your arm and it looked smaller in appearance than the un-casted arm when removed, so it is the same principle of wearing my patented body moulding garments, preferably during physical activity.  It is merely the dehydration that leads to the temporary shaping of the fat (adipose tissue) though that can motivate one towards a healthy lifestyle of regular healthy nutrition and exercise. The more this is repeated, the more long lasting the effects can be, but of course, when accompanied by following a healthy balanced nutrition and exercise plan.  
This is WHY the PreWorkout Massage is the perfect compliment to any workout.  As far as the type of body moulding garment depends on the activity.  For example, for my pilates/yoga class I prefer my neoprene lined corset because it is a more flexible with increased heating capacity than the other corset that I sell. It is latex lined and covered with a cotton lining. When I use that one, it really keeps my spine upright and core tight, which doesn't allow for much spinal articulation.  When i use both in conjunction, it REALLY Heats, Shapes and Squeezes me into my ideal hourglass body shape.  

For men, who do not normally want an hourglass shape, I also sell a compression shirt that uses power netting to compress the tissue.  It can be used alone or in conjunction with the BELLY BUSTER I invented that utilizes both the neoprene an steel boning, however the cut of the fabric doesn't have the hourglass design, so it just flattens out the midriff.

I am very excited about my inventions for men and women because it can encourage the healthy behaviors that we all could benefit from partaking in on a regular basis.  I always say that if I had the magic wrap or corset that could take off 40pounds and 40 years in one wrap, I would be doing this on the coast of Europe somewhere, where everyone flies in on their private jet to pay $5,000 a session, lol! So it does require healthy nutrition and regular exercise.  

i am interested in recreating my original thesis and having participants wear my garments to compare against other participants who don't wear my garments, yet both groups partake in the same exercise and nutrition plan to compare the results. If you are interested, or have any feedback for me, drop me a line!

Until next time!
((Healthy Hugs)),

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