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Jacqi of Jacqi's NuFitness LLc is all about health, wealth, love and beauty services.  From her medical grade waist trainers that she patented and the ones she sells as a third party rep, to her Pilates/Yoga and other fitness classes, to her medical massage and therapeutic relaxation massage therapy services, she brings cutting edge healthy services to her clients.  She can help you improve your wealth by saving you money when you enroll in the MA Medical Services Continuing Medical Education membership that can give you access to more than $30,000 worth of classes for only $39/ month when you use her promo code 382 on their website that lists the classes offered. Jacqi is about enhancing your joy by increasing your love for your body, mind, and spirit that overflows into your relationships and surroundings.  She can even help you access cool organizing tools to create positive energy in your environment when you shop online at her Clever Container site

Jacqi holds a Master's in Exercise Science since 1995 and is a 1993 graduate of the European Massage Therapy Institute. She has completed her first year of her Doctoral Program in Psychology, but has put it on hold to tend to family and work needs. Jacqi has recently attained her Medical Massage Therapy Practicioner Certification with the intention of becoming a Medical Massage Therapy Instructor by the fall of 2016.

Jacqi has trained beauty pageant contestants helping them become winners, and has worked with professional athletes using her personal training and massage therapy skills.  Jacqi herself has gone on to win the national beauty pageant title in the married women's division, Mrs. Petite United America 2013, and won the Ms. Photogenic Award at the Ms. Latina USA pageant where she represented her hometown as the Ms. Latina San Antonio 1998-1999.
She won Third Place at the Venice Beach Bodybuilding Contest on Venice Beach, Memorial Day weekend, 2003 and was casted in various tv shows, informercials and movies during her time living in Los Angeles, CA.
Jacqi started Jacqi's NuFitness in 1995 upon graduation from her Masters program but has worked for other organizations including the US Olympic Badminton Association, Barbizon Modeling and Acting School, as well as the International Performing Arts Academy during her professional working years.

Jacqi's NuFitness LLC became a minority owner in the Vegas Stiletto Fitness LLC in 2012 and her along with her husband have contributed orginal music now found on iTunes that is currently used by the limited liability corporation. Jacqi has co-hosted the Champagne Talk SA with the founder and inventor of VSF LLC, Lisa Valdes Romero, in which Jacqi's husband was the producer of the webisode series that can be seen on YouTube.

She currently works out of the Kay Spears and the Balanced Health Healing Center, the Massage Heights in Leon Springs, MA Medical Services, and through the NISD Adult Community Education program offering her Women Only Pilates/Yoga for Stress and Relaxation.

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