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Join the VSF & Sexy Corset Club and join us for our weekly workouts!
VSF & Sexy Chair Barre Workouts

Join us every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8:30am at the Kay Spears Balanced Health Healing Center for fun and fitness using your medical grade posture correcting waist trainer and burn calories with us!

Warm up in Your WEDGES! Make sure to wear your platform wedges (sandals, boots or other sassy wedge shoes) and start your VSF warmup learning how to strut your stuff while your increase your heart rate getting the pulse going!

Then we take off our shoes, stretch our toes, calves and feet practicing our balance enhancing chair barre moves.

Lean out and have fun while you "Pick and Choose Where you Lose!"

Purchase your Medical Grade Posture Correcting Corset and SkinToning Wipes for $299 and get 3 months of unlimited VSF & Sexy Chair Barre Classes and Post workout 3 MINUTE Vibration Workouts for EXTRA Fat Burning at the end of each class.  

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