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Medical Massage Now Available by Jacqi at the Kay Spears Balanced Health Healing Center
No Prescription Required*
16350 Blanco Rd. Ste 110B
San Antonio, Texas 78232
Office: 210-764-2121
Fax: 210-579-6932
Jacqi's cell: 210-410-0325
Hours; New Clients only Mondays 10-2pm and the Last Saturdays of the month 10-2pm
Last Saturday of the month 9-3pm

Please note: 
Medical Massage is NOT the same thing as therapeutic relaxation massage, so please wear a tank top and shorts or yoga pants, since Medical Massage is VERY DIFFERENT from therapeutic relaxation massage.  Medical massage focuses on putting your body into neutral proper alignment to help you move pain free through life.  Your posture will be assessed in front of a PostureZone Grid and your photo will be taken from behind and from the side view so that you can also see what I, the therapist, sees.  Then you will lie on the table face up, and as I continue to assess your posture, I will be massaging and stretching you out.  I will also be writing out a CUSTOMIZED STRETCH Program for you to do as part of your home care program so that you ca do it daily to keep your body in proper alignment.  

Therapeutic relaxation massage is customarily done with undergarments only or with the clothes off, in a relaxing atmosphere with dim lights, aromatherapy and hot stones.  

Medical massage is done with the lights on, workout clothes on, and not focused on deep relaxation, but rather on relieving pain by fixing body mechanics and postural alignment issues.  
(please click on the tab: Therapeutic Relaxation Massage if you are interested in booking that type of massage).

Postural Distortion Assessment     15 min
Treatment Per Area: 15 min per afflicted area
     Back and Hips
     Upper Extremity
     Lower Extremity
Home Care Exercises     15 min

$35 per 15 minutes

Medical Massage with Therapeutic Massage COMBO $85 for 60 minute $149 for 90 minutes
Note: The Medical Massage with Therapeutic Massage COMBO service is NOT covered by the GROUPON OFFER.  
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